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DMCA Guidelines

In order to be processed, all DMCA notices need to be submitted as a ticket by a registered agent via our form located at

DMCA notices sent to Gmail ( or need to be submitted as tickets manually by us using the information provided in the report.

Only DMCA notices whose email addresses have been verified by the DMCA agent will be displayed as 'New' tickets to be processed in the DMCA center.

In exceptional cases we can manually verify a DMCA agent email address by clicking the 'check' button next to the user's account on the DMCA center. Please check with your manager before proceeding.

Please follow the instructions below for processing DMCA tickets:

When a DMCA agent submits a DMCA notice through

1. Login to

2. Check the 'New' tickets list and start by the older ones.

3. Please ensure that the following information is complete and correct:

- Contact info

- Copyright Holder

- AT LEAST ONE valid AdFly link (invalid links will be ticked)

- Legal Declaration

4. If ALL the information mentioned above is complete and correct click on 'Accept' and add a comment if necessary, i.e.

'DMCA notice has been reviewed and accepted. The following AdFly links could not be removed: Reason: Invalid URL'

The agent then will automatically receive an email with this information.

5. Circumstances in which we do not accept a DMCA submission:

- Reporter contact details are not complete

- NONE of the AdFly links are valid (URL is not a valid AdFly link, URL not found, URL already deleted, Publisher already suspended, etc.)

- Legal Declaration is not sufficient/complete

6. In ANY of the circumstances mentioned above click on 'Mark as Invalid' and select a reason from the dropdown list. Add a comment if necessary, i.e.

'Legal Declaration is not sufficient/complete'

The agent then will automatically receive a notification with this information.

When a DMCA is sent to Gmail ( or

1. Check Gmail for any unread DMCA notices.

2. Once you have a DMCA notice go to:

and click on 'New DMCA Notice'.

3. Copy/paste the information provided in email into the correspondent fields including the Subject of the email. Contact information from new DMCA agents just need to be entered the first time, for future tickets it will be automatically completed by the system after a few seconds the email address is entered in the 'Email*' box.

4. Make sure that all fields marked with a star (*) are completed. If you cannot find this information in the email, type: 'Not found'.

5. Press 'Submit ticket' button.

6. Now the message 'DMCA Notice submitted successfully' should appear on the screen, if not, please review that all the mandatory fields are completed. Then click on 'Tickets' to go back to the Tickets list.

7. Now follow the same steps detailed in: When a DMCA agent submits a DMCA notice through

Please make sure you include all the necessary information when you invalidate a ticket or when you accept it. After processing a ticket, a notification will be sent automatically to the DMCA agent informing that has been accepted or declined and the reason.

You can also add private notes to a ticket before processing it. To make them visible only to us, just ensure to select 'Private' in the dropdown list.

It is also possible to add a follow-up to any processed ticket if necessary, this can also be Public or Private.

If you realise that there is an error in a ticket you just submitted don't worry, you can always remove it and create a new one. Very important to do this before you accept it or invalidate it though. Just click on the X in the 'Actions' column.