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Why do I see the message 'Ad Blocker Warning'? (452 views)

To be able to view an AdFly link and it's destination URL, we require that an advert shown.... more

What is What does it do? (843 views) is a URL shortener that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering 50% of t... more

Why are you not counting all of my visitors? (363 views)

First please ensure you waited up to 2 hours for our stats to update. There are a number o... more

How many links can a particular visitor click in 1 day? (333 views)

There is no limit in regards to redirecting the user, this will always work. However, we p... more

Why is my link 'locked'? (136 views)

This can happen if you open multiple AdFly links too quickly. It is to protect our adverti... more

Why am I seeing a Captcha on (162 views)

We have a Captcha system for a very small percentage of the daily visitors. This is necess... more

How does this work? (589 views)

AdFly is an innovative service that allows you to earn money from each visitor to your shortened ... more

How much can I earn? (153 views)

This all depends on how many people click on your links. Earning potential is limitless, a... more

How much do you pay for xxxxxx country? (146 views)

We do not pay a fixed amount on - we pay 50% of the advertising revenue generated. ... more

How do I make money? (251 views)

To make money using AdFly, follow these simple instructions: Login to your AdFl... more

How do I install AdFly on my blog / forum? (115 views)

If you have a website and wish to earn money when a visitor simply enters your site, please use o... more

How many websites can I shrink? Is there a limit? (239 views)

There is no hard limit. We only ask that you use as many links as you need. Accounts with ... more

What is proxy traffic? Will I get paid for it? (156 views)

Proxy traffic are users who are connected to the Internet via proxy server, this happens a lot in... more

How often are my Publisher stats updated? (94 views)

The stats are updated every 30 minutes. It times you how long ago they were last updated below th... more

What are Pop Ads on AdFly? How can I use them? (224 views)

Apart from making money with your AdFly short links, you can also try a new additional method of ... more

How much money does the Pop Ads pay? (195 views)

We share 50% of the advertising revenue with our Publishers, this is not a fix rate. You can chec... more

API Rate Limiting (166 views)

We have introduced a rate limit on the amount of calls an account can make to our API to automati... more

How can I maximise my earnings from visitors on a mobile device? (217 views)

We now have the option for you to enable mobile app adverts. This means your visitors on a mobile... more

How can I add a thumbnail to my AdFly links on Facebook? (140 views)

Adding a thumbnail to your AdFly links couldn't be simpler. You just need to click on the pen... more

What is the "Stop Adblock Users" feature? (122 views)

In addition to alerting your visitors when a browser extension is blocking AdFly, you can now dec... more

What is the "Skip Ad" Adverts setting in my AdFly account for? (156 views)

We have recently added a new feature that will allow you to increase your AdFly links revenue by ... more

How often are Pop Ads shown to my visitors? (134 views)

You can now set the number of times Pop Ads are shown to your visitors in your website simply by ... more

Does it cost anything to join? Any investment? (238 views)

If you wish to join AdFly to earn money, you do not need to make any investment or pay anyone mon... more

Do you have a mobile app? (177 views)

Yes! We have recently launched our official AdFly app for Publishers compatible with most mobile ... more

How do I switch off Push Ads in my AdFly account? (111 views)

If you don't want to generate extra money with Push A... more

How do I unsubscribe from Push notifications? (160 views)

If you no longer want to receive push notifications from a websit... more

What are Push Ads? How do they work? (145 views)

In AdFly, we have added a new advertising format that will boost ... more

Google Compliant Pop Ads (76 views)

In AdFly, we want to make sure that our advertising meets Google Compliant so that your audience ... more