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Can I click on my own links? (2466 views)

You may click on your own links 1 time to test them. You may not create link... more

Can I ask people to click on my links to earn money? (1698 views)

No, the user must click on your links because they wish to get to the destination website ... more

Can links be opened in a popup? (1792 views)

No this is not allowed. links cannot be opened automatically in a popup or au... more

Can I shrink websites that contain adult material? (1084 views)

You may not shrink website URLs that contain or link to adult material. This is deem... more

Can I place links my adult website/forum? (331 views)

You may not place links on any website that contains or link to adult material, not limite... more

Can I post a referral link on a PTC website? (341 views)

Yes you can. We allow this because advertisers are not paying for the traffic.

How many people can register in one computer/ household? (1430 views)

Providing they are 18 years old and above, they can register an accoun... more

Why have I received an Account Termination Notice (DMCA)? (606 views)

A Digital Millennium Copyright Ac... more

Can I shrink websites that contain copyrighted material? (417 views)

You cannot shrink any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or ot... more