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How will you pay me? (2101 views)

We payout via PayPal, Payza or Payoneer. ... more

What happens if I don't earn enough to be paid? (629 views)

If you do not happen to earn the minimum amount to be paid this month, do not worry. Your earning... more

Why has PayPal refused my payment? (1898 views)

Some payments we send every month get 'refused' by PayPal. There are many reasons for thi... more

It's payment day, where's my money? (674 views)

On the payment day (the 1st of the month) we will pay your PayPal, Payza or Payoneer account at s... more

Can you payout to my country? (210 views)

We pay our publishers in every country in the world, no restrictions. The problem is... more

Does it cost anything to join? Any investment? (276 views)

If you wish to join to earn money, you do not need to make any investment or pay anyone mo... more

My withdrawal address is already in use! (253 views)

If you receive this error message it means that your PayPal or Payza withdrawal email address is ... more

Do you have a referral program? How much does it pay? (1231 views)

Yes we do. For each of your Publisher referrals, we will pay you 20% of what they ea... more

I don't have PayPal, how can I be paid? (210 views)

If you do not have a PayPal account you can get paid via Payza or Payoneer. ... more

What is the withdrawal section for? (151 views)

The withdrawal section of our website allows you to enter either a PayPal or Payza email address ... more

Can I be paid by a bank transfer or debit card? (3213 views)

Yes! We can now support global bank transfers and payments to prepaid debit cards in almost every... more

How often can I be paid? Do you offer daily payments? (1208 views)

We pay all Publishers on the 1st of the month, providing they have earned the minimum amount requ... more

When will Payza Payment Processor be available in (172 views)

From the 10th of March of 2014 Payza is available again as a payment processor in ... more

How do I change or remove my Payoneer account? (813 views)

To change your Payoneer account with AdFly is a 2 stage process. 1. Go to: ... more

Why can't I associate my Payoneer account to my account? (167 views)

There are few reasons why this can happen. First of all ensure that you have earned the m... more

What happens if Payza refuses my payment? (150 views)

Same as with PayPal, payments that are refused by Payza are returned to us after around 30 days.... more