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Can you stop someone shrinking my URL? (27 views)

Yes, we can if you submit a full DMCA notice here: ... more

Will I be credited for multiple link views? (110 views)

Yes, you will. It does depend on how many advertisers we currently have on the system at t... more

Is it possible to recover deleted links? (86 views)

Yes. If you shorten the same URL as the previously deleted link, it will be automatically restore... more

Will my shortened links ever expire? (92 views)

Currently shortened links have no expiry date. This may change in the future but plenty of notice... more

What is a custom domain? And how does it work? (19 views)

A custom domain name allows you to use your own domain with our system. So when you shrink a link... more

Why do my links not work in India? (74 views)

Unfortunately it has been reported that some ISPs in India and surrounding countries are blocking... more

What is a Random domain? (75 views)

Radom domain is a feature that constantly generates a wide range of brand new domains automatical... more