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I didn't receive my confirmation email. What should I do? (3 views)

Please check any spam or Junk folders in your email account or you can also ... more

How do I delete / remove my account? (4 views)

In order to remove your account, please login and go to: ... more

How do I recover my password / username? (3 views)

Your username to login to AdFly is your email address. If you have forgotten your password... more

How do I join AdFly to make money? (3 views)

To register in AdFly please click the 'Join Now' button on our homepage: ... more

Why do I see a 'Last Login' message in my home page? (4 views)

For your security, we have added the 'Last Login' feature. You can find it on the ... more

I don't recognize new activity in my AdFly account (3 views)

When you make any update to your AdFly account, such as changing your email address, password or ... more