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Can I get my campaign refunded? (30 views)

Yes, you can always get a refund through your ... more

How do I make a deposit to my AdFly account? (97 views)

Depositing money on your AdFly account for advertising is very simple, please login to your accou... more

Do you accept credit card payment via Payza? (94 views)

Unfortunately we do not. You must fund an advertising campaign through your Payza account ... more

What is the Advertiser Wallet? (89 views)

The Advertiser's Wa... more

What is the minimum campaign deposit? (61 views)

The minimum amount to run an advertising campaign on AdFly is currently $5.00 This needs t... more

I have paid for a campaign, how long will it take to display in my account? (18 views)

Payments for campaign deposits should normally be instant but there are certain situations where ... more

Do you accept payment via wire transfer? (18 views)

Yes, we do. The minimum amount necessary is $1000 USD and the exact amount received in our bank a... more

Do you accept payment via PayPal eCheck? (58 views)

Unfortunately we no longer accept PayPal eChecks as a form of payment. You must fund an ad... more

Can I get invoices for my payments to AdFly? (21 views)

Yes, you can download your summary invoices directly from your AdFly account. After loggin... more