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How can I target the advertising? (936 views)

We allow you to target by country, day of the week and desktop or mobile traffic (Android/iOS and... more

Can I limit the amount I spend per day? (454 views)

Yes you can. You can set a Daily Budget, this will ensure you will not spend more than you... more

What is Interstitial Advertising? (1423 views)

An interstitial ad is a full-page ad that appears before the actual webpage. Interstitial ... more

Why does Google Analytics count less traffic than you? (442 views)

There are few reasons why this can happen. First, please ensure you have given Google Analytics e... more

Do you host our advertising banners or landing page? (133 views)

No, we do not host any advertising banners or creatives. You would need to host them somew... more

Can I advertise a YouTube video using your Interstitial format? (182 views)

For our ... more

What is the conversion code for? (29 views)

The conversion code can be optionally placed on a 'thank you' page to allow you to track ... more

How do I advertise my site? (223 views)

How to increase / top up traffic to an existing campaign? (126 views)

The process is basically the same as ordering a new campaign but you don’t need to wait for the... more

Where are the hits coming from and how they generated? Is it real visitors? (179 views)

Yes, they are real people; the visitors are coming from all over the Internet: forums, blogs, Twi... more

Why is my campaign is not running? (123 views)

There are a number of reasons for this. First, please ensure you have confirmed your PayPa... more

Can you sell advertising on a time period? e.g. 30 days? (174 views)

No sorry, we sell advertising on a CPV basis. That is you pay per visitor viewing your website or... more

Why has my campaign stopped? (123 views)

The first thing to check is that you haven't reached your Daily Budget. ... more

Can we purchase all of your traffic from the country xxxxx? (169 views)

Due to the nature of our advertising network and bidding model, I'm afraid this is not possib... more

What is frame breaking? (100 views)

A frame breaking script is a piece of code on a website that will make sure that it is the frame ... more

How can I get more visitors to my campaign? (130 views)

When you are not receiving as many visitors to your campaign as you would like, we have the ... more

My campaign is being delivered too slowly (170 views)

The amount of traffic we can send to your campaign is limited by a number of factors. The ... more

Can I target mobile traffic by Operating System? (186 views)

Yes, we have Android and iOS targeting available. When you create a campaign that includes... more

How can I delete a finished campaign? (23 views)

To delete a finished campaign, please follow these instructions: 1. Go to ... more

What is the "White label traffic" feature? (25 views)

If you are a traffic reseller and you purchase traffic from AdFly to send to your client's we... more

Can I purchase Pop Ads on AdFly? (130 views)

Yes, we have Pop Ad inventory for sale, these pop ups are opened separately on our Publisher webs... more

Can I see what my Interstitial campaign will look like? (126 views)

Yes, you can easily preview your Interstitial campaign before submitting it by using our preview... more

Can I choose a specific day for my campaign to be displayed? (119 views)

Yes you can. To select the day(s) you wish your campaign is shown, please follow these instructio... more

Can I change the targeting options of my active campaign? (175 views)

If you are already running a campaign and wish to change the audience that will see your offers y... more

Can I add funds automatically to my campaign? (120 views)

Yes, if you are running a campaign that is performing well and you don't want to worry about ... more

What are 'Partner Networks'? (130 views)

AdFly has partnered with other premium ad networks to enable a larger, more diverse source of tra... more