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Why is my account 'Temporarily Suspended'?

If PayPal is investigating one of your payments, we will automatically suspend your AdFly account.

This is done in order to protect ourselves from potential fraud and charge backs. Not every investigation is fraudulent though and we want to restore your account as soon as possible.

In order for us to do this, we need confirmation from PayPal that you are indeed the PayPal account holder. The only way we know this is if PayPal transfer the funds back to our account and the investigation is complete.

To ensure this happens as quickly as possible:

1. Please contact PayPal (by phone is best) and explain that one of your transactions is being investigated.

2. Give them the information they require in order to prove you are the real account holder and the transaction is genuine.

3. Wait for confirmation from PayPal that the transaction is no longer being reviewed and has been returned to x19 Limited (AdFly).

4. Contact us to inform us that the transaction is no longer being reviewed and that we can lift the suspension on your AdFly account.

If you cannot get PayPal to return the funds to us, we have no choice but to presume that the transaction was indeed fraudulent and your AdFly account will be terminated.